THE WHAT? Pop star Billie Eilish has unveiled her debut fragrance, named Eilish, created with beauty company Parlux. 

THE DETAILS The Amber Gourmand scent is vegan, cruelty free and made with clean ingredients, with the bottle said to be inspired by the singer’s favourite body parts – the chest, neck, and collarbone, and is gilded in amber bronze.

Taking to a press release, Eilish stated that she was ‘intimately involved’ in the entire process, and had full creative control, from ‘the creative vision, to the bottle design, the packaging, the campaign, and of course, the scent itself.’

The D2C scent will be sold via a new exclusive website as of November. 

THE WHY? Eilish is said to be ‘obsessed’ with scent, with the teen singer stating, “It’s a scent that I’ve been chasing for years and years and years. It’s my favourite smell in the world.”

Lori Singer, President at Parlux Ltd, said, “Billie Eilish is a singular talent and the voice of a generation. She has a vision in everything she does that is unique, disruptive, and authentically hers. Partnering with Billie was natural for Parlux because we can bring a vision to life like no one else, and we were equally excited to be on this journey together.”